samboro shuttle 3-piece set

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samboro shuttle 3-piece set
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Material 100% Polypropylene with non-scratch finish
Measurements 45cm X 33.75cm X 22.50cm (+5cm) 3.0 kg / 6.6 lbs
  57.50cm X 41.25cm X 27.50cm (+5cm) 3.77 kg / 8.3 lbs
  67.50cm x 47.50cm x 30cm (+5cm) 4.77 kg / 10.5 lbs
Wheels 360° rotation wheels assure effortless multi-directional rolling
Zippers self-repairing zipper                                
Handle one button locking trolley handle with aluminum tube                
Interior fully lined interior with divider, retaining strap and mesh pocket
Lock TSA combination lock
Warranty 5 year warranty